Minerva Labs' Story

Our Mission
To secure the cyber-world so organizations can fully harness technology safe from attack.

About Minerva
Throughout history, mankind has utilized technology to improve lives. The digital age has presented mankind with the ultimate tool for human advancement. Unfortunately, we have seen a sharp rise in attacks that threaten to undo mankind’s progress by exploiting the vulnerabilities created by the digital revolution and its ever-growing attack surface.

Coming from military cyber units Eddy Bobritsky, Erez Breiman and Omri Moyal founded Minerva in 2014 with the mission of overturning the ever growing hacking tide that is still engulfing the cyber-world.

The challenge was not just to create a platform that utterly defeats cyber-attacks but also one that does so regardless of an organization’s time, team size, skills, and toolset.

Through years of innovation and dedication, Minerva was successful in developing the endpoint security solution that is not just the most effective, but also the most resource and cost-effective.

Since 2014 Minerva technologies successfully protect hundreds of organizations and millions of endpoints.

By utterly eliminating cyber threats, Minerva’s platform is successfully turning the hacking tide and allowing organizations to flourish without the fear of attack.

Our team is our greatest asset. Minerva’s diverse team of developers and cyber-specialists pride themselves on being the pinnacle of the cybersecurity world. Although from a variety of backgrounds, they are unified by excellence that is founded on the love for what they do.


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