We prevent ransomware on organizations of any size, regardless of the security team's size or skillset

One Mission

Minerva Labs was founded with the goal of putting an end to Ransomware!

Ransomware is a devastating attack that cripples businesses all over the globe, causing needless suffering and loss of revenue and reputation.

We stop ransomware, so you can focus on your business

Over the years the world has seen an alarming surge in ransomware attacks, which are designed to cripple people or businesses by exploiting the vulnerabilities and rendering their entire systems unreachable until they pay a “ransom”. The ransom amount ranges between a few hundred dollars, to tens of millions.


Founded in 2014 by former officers of the IDF Elite Cyber Forces, Minerva’s mission is to put a stop to the ransomware attack tide that is engulfing the cyber-world today and give control back to people and organizations.

The challenge was not just to create a platform that completely defeats ransomware, but also one that does so regardless of an organization’s team size and skillset, before the ransomware can do any damage. 

The Minerva story

Through years of innovation and dedication, Minerva has successfully in developed the anti-ransomware solution that is not just the most effective, but also the most resource and cost-effective in the industry.  By utterly eliminating ransomware, Minerva’s platform is successfully turning the hacking tide and allowing organizations to flourish without the fear of attack.

Board of Directors

Eddy Bobritsky
Co-founder & CEO
Erez Breiman
Co-founder & CTO
Yuval Cohen
Managing Partner @ StageOne VC
Mike Dauber
Managing Partner @ Amplify Partners
Roy Oron
Managing Partner @ ITI Venture Partners

Minerva Labs has successfully protected hundreds of organizations around the world.

In 2020, Minerva Labs was named a Gartner “Cool Vendor” in network and endpoint security.


Amplify Partners
Stage One
Webb Investment Network

Enterprises That Trust Minerva

Deployed globally on more than 1,500,000 End Points


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