Complete end-to-end solution for preventing both known and unknown ransomware, malware and viruses before they start
Prevent known and unknown ransomware before any damage is done
Dramatically reduce the attack surface with targeted prevention
Includes enterprise grade next-gen AV

Ransomware detection is not enough

Current detection and response approaches require your system to be infected before they can respond and stop ransomware , usually after some critical damage has already been done. Instead of identifying ransomware, our patented Simulation Engine prevents ransomware without even needing to detect it, before it can even get started.

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Ransomware is specifically built to bypass EDRs and AVs
Detection and response requires your system be infected in order to respond
Responding after the attack has started means damage has already been done
The average downtime after ransomware is 21 days

Complete protection from Ransomware

Coupled with our enterprise-grade next-gen AV, Minerva Armor360 stops 99.9% of all attacks before they start and before ANY damage is done and without any user intervention!

Control what the Ransomware sees

  • In order to gain the strongest foothold, Ransomware stays undetected, often for months before detonating. It does this by querying its environment in order to bypass security measures
  • If Ransomware thinks it in danger of being detected, it’ll disable itself in order to appear like normal software
  • Minerva Armor controls what the Ransomware sees when it queries the OS, and through various anti-evasion measures, tricks it into either completely shutting down, or revealing its true intentions

Protect your most critical assets

  • Prevent Ransomware from exfiltrating critical data
  • Hide your most critical assets from unwanted processes
  • Ransomware can’t exfiltrate (or encrypt) what they can’t find
  • Over 20 billion customers currently protect critical assets with Minerva including ATMs, Point of sales, gas pumps, critical healthcare devices, any many more.

Easy installation with any team regardless of size or skillset

  • Single Agent, Rapid deployment with no reboot or pre-requisits
  • Works on all Windows systems, 2003 server, XP and up
  • Military grade protection with a fraction of resources: <25MB and <1% CPU usage
  • Minerva Armor is designed to work alongside all EDR/EPP/XDR solutions
    and can help reduce your detection alerts by up to 90%

Minerva Armor360 Solutions

Introducing Minerva Armor360 modules/solution

Ransomware Prevention
Next-Gen AV
Browser Isolation

Minerva dramatically reduced the number of ransomware attacks on us

CISO - Global shipping company

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Enterprises That Trust Minerva

Deployed globally on more than 1,500,000 End Points


Armor is an award winning security solution

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