Minerva Labs Named as a Cool Vendor in Network and Endpoint Security 2020

Minerva Labs is a venture-funded start-up that is recognized early on the emerging need for organizations to apply endpoint security across unmanaged devices without compromising privacy regulation. A fast-growing vendor, Minerva doubled its revenue in 2020.

Minerva’s Active Anti-Ransomware Platform focuses on preventing the pre-execution phase of the attack on the endpoint. It is cool because instead of developing yet another “fire detector” that will alert you only once there is a fire, its unique and patented technology sucking out the oxygen so that NO fire can be started in the first place. In other words, Minerva focuses on breaking (preventing) malware at the beachhead stage of the attack.

Minerva’s platform enables CISOs to stop threats regardless of its team size, skill set, and toolset for managed and unmanaged endpoints in a single platform. The platform includes anti-evasion capabilities, ransomware prevention, next-generation browser isolation, application isolation, malicious document prevention, memory protection, living-off-the-land prevention, fileless malware prevention, deception, Microsoft Defender management, incident response, and remote user protection (RUP) capabilities.

Organizations that are seeking ways to secure unmanaged devices such as home employees (WFH), 3rd party support teams without the management, and privacy regulation complexity can use Minerva’s platform and the install-free version endpoint protection platform.


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Gartner’s Cool Vendor Report in Network and Endpoint Security