All business organizations protected by MINERVA are safe! No infection or data loss accrued thanks to Minerva’s Double Layered Ransomware Protection. According to the media, this is a new type of ransom software aimed at destroying the source files without the possibility of recovery.

Ransom software is not new and is a consistent challenge for business organizations, large or small. Usually, this attack method encrypts the files on the victim’s computer, with their recovery conditional on a ransom fee. As mentioned, unlike other common ransomware, the GermanWiper does NOT encrypt the data, but wipes it without the option to restore.

For the past few weeks, the GermanWiper has been wreaking havoc across Germany, destroying users’ data. The GermanWiper doesn’t encrypt files, but instead it permanently rewrites their content with zeroes. According to the CERT-Bund, the attacker asks for thousands of dollars’ ransom for each infected endpoint, despite the fact that paying the ransom would not restore the files.

According to publications, the initial attack vector is a phishing message appearing as a job application with a ZIP file attached containing a maliciously crafted LNK file (which looks like a PDF document). Thanks to the advanced capabilities of the Minerva Zero-Touch Anti-Ransomware Platform, the attack was prevented at the Initial Access without malicious payload impact or data loss. With Minerva, once a user receives GermanWiper emails they are fully protected, regardless of the kind and without performing any changes or updates to the Minerva platform.

Minerva’s unique prevention technology doesn’t rely on any detection mechanism – neither static signatures, behavioral machine learning, nor cloud submissions. Deployment on thousands of endpoints is possible within hours, with no downtime or reboots, and with less than one percent of endpoint resources (<1%).

Headquartered in Petah Tikva, Israel, and with an office in New York, Minerva Labs boosts customers’ existing defenses without the need to embark upon a costly and risky overhaul of their entire endpoint security architecture.

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