Recently The Ponemon Institute conducted an independent survey that was sponsored by Palo Alto networks. The purpose of the survey was to examine “”the relationships between the time spent and compensation of today’s adversaries, and how organizations can thwart attacks.””

The most interesting findings of the research are:

  • Adversaries go after the softest targets first.
  • 72% of attackers will quit when the target company has a strong defense.
  • In the majority of cases deterring the attacks takes less than two days.

Time is an expensive resource – so in most cases wasting more than a couple of days trying to achieve an initial foothold within the targeted organization is not an efficient option. It is much more profitable to move on and target other, less protected victims. Moreover, the longer it takes to execute a successful attack– the more likely it is that it will be detected.

Other key findings suggest that almost 70% of the hackers said that when they spot a strong defense in the targeted organization (e.g., advanced endpoint security products, identity management solutions or honeypots) they would simply move on to another target.

Minerva Anti-Ransomware Platform – Winning the Race Against the Clock Before It Even Began

This survey serves as confirmation that Minerva’s innovative approach is essential in defense against malware attacks. Our environment simulation technology causes the malware to think it struck a machine equipped with state-of-the-art security products.

As the above findings suggest, the individual behind the malware will most likely terminate the attack either because successfully infecting the target will now require much more of their attention, or because they’re simply intimidated by the simulated security products.

This deterrence is achieved in a new and unique way, that consumes close to zero resources and allows the good guys to be one step ahead for the first time.

Minerva – Don’t chase, PREVENT!

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