Browsers are a key element of most online activity. They allow us to browse websites and access all kinds of services, from email to bank accounts, social networks and many other services. Hackers and criminals are well aware of this fact and are constantly targeting browsers by injecting malicious DLLs that subvert their functionality, allowing them to spy and steal credentials and sensitive information.

On November 17th 2015, Microsoft’s Windows Blog revealed the following in regards to their new Windows 10 and Edge web browser:

“”Microsoft Edge defends the user’s browsing experience by blocking injection of DLLs into the browser unless they are Windows components or signed device drivers. DLLs that are either Microsoft-signed, or WHQL-signed, will be allowed to load, and all others will be blocked. “”

Minerva provides this kind of protection to Windows versions as early as Windows XP as well as to other common browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome.

Minerva continues to break new ground in Cyber defense, ensuring that users are protected no matter what platform, OS or browser they are using.

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