BYOD/ Remote User Protection

Modern enterprises increasingly rely on a distributed workforce, with freelancers, contractors,
part-time employees and other users connecting remotely over any type of remote connection. In many cases, these individuals access sensitive resources from systems whose security configuration the enterprise does not control. Whether user-owned devices or devices owned by an external organization, Minerva Labs offers full protection.

Anti-Malware Safeguards for Remote Users
Minerva’s Remote User Protection software helps enterprises safeguard themselves from potentially-infected systems connecting remotely. It accomplishes this by integrating with the organization’s remote connection software to initiate a scan of the remote system's processes for known malware before allowing the connection to be established. Minerva’s transient agent will not allow systems with active malware to connect.

Minerva’s Remote User Protection not only safeguards the enterprise from infected systems at the onset of the remote connection, but also provides controls in case the user’s system gets attacked during the remote connection session. Even if the system was deemed malware-free when initiating the remote connection, Minerva’s solution interrogates every new process launched on the user’s system to determine whether it’s recognized as a malicious program, in which case Minerva severs the risky connection.

Remote User Protection is a lightweight agent that activates when the user attempts to initiate the remote connection connection without requiring the user to reboot and without interfering with other security tools or software on the system. 

Works with Minerva’s Anti-Evasion Platform

While Remote User Protection is designed to safeguard users’ remote connections from known malware, Minerva’s Anti-Evasion Platform focuses on preventing infections from evasive threats, which are designed to bypass other security tools. Both solutions can be deployed side-by-side to strengthen security posture of remote systems during the VPN session without interfering with users’ normal activities.

Unique Benefits of Minerva’s Remote User Protection offers the following benefits:
Integrates with the organization’s remote connection software to launch malware scans and to refuse or terminate the connection when necessary.
Very light weight, operates without slowing down the remote user’s system.
Doesn’t conflict with security or other non-malicious software on the remote system.
Safeguards against vast numbers of known malware that puts the enterprise at risk.
Can be deployed and managed together with Minerva’s Anti-Evasion Platform to protect remote workers and the enterprise from advanced threats.