Never pay ransom, Never lose your data

Stop time on Ransomware

Ransomware is becoming more sophisticated, avoiding detection with evasive techniques such as checking whether they’re in a safe environment to unpack, injecting malicious code into legitimate processes, hiding in macros and more. With Minerva Labs, the ransomware is prevented before detection, with no human intervention, eliminating the need to pay ransom while increasing the efficiency of your security team and tools.

Without Minerva Labs

Ransomware can instantaneously encrypt your data and the only decision you're faced with is whether to pay the ransom or face losing your data.


With Minerva Labs

Never face the dilemma of paying the ransom or losing your data. With Minerva ransomware is blocked and your data is always kept safe.

Deceiving Ransomware into Terminating Itself

Minerva simulates an environment that deceives the ransomware to “think” the very tools it wishes to avoid are present on the endpoint, causing it to refrain from launching launch.

Blocking Ransomware Hiding in Legit Applications

Ransomware may try to sneak in and evade detection, by injecting malicious code into legitimate applications or OS components.
Minerva Labs interferes with the activities of fileless malware that attempts to inject code into other processes, blocking the ransomware before infection.

Prevent Ransomware that Comes in Business Documents

Ensure your employees can freely and safely use advanced document capabilities such as macros, PowerShell and other scripts. Minerva Labs blocks ransomware that attempts to booby-trap documents in order to get to the endpoint, preventing infections while allowing your employees to fully benefit from their applications.

Your Files are Always Secure with Minerva

If your system is infected by a ransomware that doesn't use any evasion techniques and bypasses your AV, Minerva will automatically back-up your files, keeping them secure and restorable.

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Strengthen endpoint security by closing the gap on ransomware that uses evasive techniques.

Centrally manage Minerva’s agents on both Windows and macOS endpoints.

Eliminate the need to pay ransom in an attempt to regain access to targeted files.

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