Remote User Protection in the Age of CoronaVirus - How Minerva Can Help

With CoronaVirus forcing many organizations to expand their remote workforce, security professionals are scrambling to provide additional resources to protect their users while they access sensitive networks via VPN. Minerva's unique endpoint security solution can help secure this increased attack surface by integrating with your VPN directly to provide anti-malware protection -- without requiring the end-user to set up any additional tools.

To find out how Minerva's Remote User Protection can help your organization manage expanding remote work requirements, schedule a demo here.

Remote Worker Protection Solution Brief

Video: Minerva Remote User Protection

As the Coronavirus spreads, more organizations are enforcing remote work and employees are more vulnerable than ever to cyberattacks -- especially when using their home computers.

Watch how Minerva's Remote User Protection eliminates this risk by providing a unique endpoint protection without installing or managing any agents

Unique Benefits of Minerva’s Remote User Protection Solution

  • Provides safeguards against vast numbers of malware that otherwise would put the enterprise at risk.
  • Integrates with the organization’s VPN software to launch malware scans and to refuse or terminate the connection when necessary.
  • Very light weight, able to operate without slowing down the remote user’s system.
  • Doesn’t conflict with security or other non-malicious software on the remote system
  • Can be deployed and managed together with Minerva’s Endpoint Threat Prevention Platform to protect remote users and the enterprise from advanced threats.