Survey finds endpoints are still vulnerable to breaches despite advancements in antivirus technologies

The nature of cyberattacks is such that defenders and attackers are locked in an arms race. Each party has incentives to innovate in response to the other’s advancements.

The Minerva Labs ‘State of Endpoint Security 2018’ survey unveils what 600 IT Security Professionals are challenged with when it comes to addressing malware and other modern cyber threats.

Some key findings include:

  • 75% of respondents believed the rate of malware infections stayed the same or got worse in the past year
  • 32% of respondents believe that the #1 malware evasion technique they are most concerned about is avoidance of malware analysis and forensic tools, followed by fileless or memory injection attacks
  • Three quarters of respondents deemed their existing anti-malware solution to be able to prevent no more than 70% of infections