Worldwide Shipping Company Case Study


The Challenge

One of this client’s major concerns was ransomware infections. Having offices all over the world, made them
vulnerable to the worldwide, worm-like attacks that have become increasingly prevalent and insidious in recent
years. They were dealing with an average of two ransomware events per week across various offices, and were
finding the attacks very hard to block and prevent.
They found that detection based AV and EDR/XDR solutions were not sufficient, and estimate that they were
only blocking just over half of the attacks. Signature based solutions are for the most part, unable to find the
malicious, sophisticated exploits, including the most virulent ransomware families. The client needed an effective
complement to their existing solutions that would not consume memory or processing power.
The CISO recognized that once cybercriminals find a good attack surface that is also lucrative, more attackers
will also make attempts using the same method. The client saw within a year that the relatively small amount of
attacks was increasing rapidly in number, variety, and sophistication. The CISO knew they had to find a powerful
solution because the attacks would not slow down or stop. He recognizes that every organization needs a
solution in addition to the detection layer in order to detect unknown (not yet identified) attacks. When he
originally sought a ransomware solution three years ago, most options were signature-dependent. Looking for a
different, more effective approach, the CISO found Minerva Labs.