Prevent Attacks Your AV Misses

Stop evasive malware

For as long as there will be anti-malware products, there will be malware designed to bypass them. The evolution of anti-malware approaches is driving adversaries to design malicious software that stays under the radar of security vendors and slips past existing defenses and detection systems. Such evasive malware avoids detonating in sandboxes, resides in memory of legitimate applications, employs scripts and document files and relies on other techniques that bypass traditional and “next-gen” security measures.

A new layer of prevention, not more overlap of solutions

Minerva Labs’ Anti-Evasion Platform protects enterprise endpoints from threats that other security tools, including “next-gen” antivirus, cannot block. Our unique solution causes malicious software to crash or terminate itself when it tries to elude existing enterprise defenses.

The addition of Minerva Labs to the endpoint security architecture allows enterprises to:

Disrupt the cat-and-mouse dynamics to block even the most evasive threats
Create a new layer in endpoint defense that does not overlap with the capabilities of baseline anti-malware tools
Rapidly deploy an ultra-light agent that doesn’t affect endpoint performance, works well with other enterprise security tools and requires no ongoing care and feeding

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Evasive malware: How and why your anti-malware strategy needs to evolve beyond Anti-Virus

Discover the reasons why evasion techniques work, even with a layered defense approach and how to evolve your endpoint protection strategy, to cover the gap.

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Anti-Evasion Platform

Block unknown threats that are designed to evade your existing defenses

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