Remote User Protection

Keep VPN connections free from malware attacks

Today’s workforce is distributed. Employees, contractors and third party vendors often connect to the enterprise from their own personal devices over a VPN connection. However if a malware infected endpoint connects over VPN, it puts the entire organizations at risk of infection. In many cases, these individuals access sensitive resources from systems whose security configuration the enterprise does not directly control, either because they are user-owned endpoints or because they’re owned by another organization. How can enterprises safeguard themselves from malware that originates from remote users?

Prevent VPN connections from infected systems

Minerva Labs’ Remote User Protection safeguards enterprises from malware-infected systems connecting over a VPN. By integrating with the organization’s VPN software, it initiates a scan of the remote system’s processes for malware before allowing the connection to be established and continues to monitor the endpoint for in-session attacks. If active malware is identified, Minerva will not allow the endpoint to connect or will terminate the session immediately. This approach protects the enterprise from the remote system without conflicting with other security tools or interfering with the user’s day-to-day activities.

Key benefits:

Adds a layer of defense to remote endpoints and protects enterprises without permanent software installation
Maintains native VPN user experience with silent malware protection in the background
Doesn’t conflict with security or other non-malicious software on the remote system
Provides safeguards against vast numbers of known malware that would otherwise put the enterprise at risk

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Minerva Labs Remote User Protection

Remote User Protection enables malware-free VPN connections, protecting enterprises from attacks upon initiation of, or during a remote connection.

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Dana Foundation adds Minerva as part of their endpoint cybersecurity program

Learn what James Rutt, The Dana Foundation CIO, had to say about MInerva's ability to prevent evasive attacks without overlapping with the existing defensive measures.

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Anti-Evasion Platform

Block unknown threats that are designed to evade your existing defenses

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