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The End Of
   Evasive Malware

The End Of Evasive Malware

Minerva’s ground-breaking Anti-Evasion Platform protects organizations from today's stealthiest attacks, those built to get around your existing defenses.

Advanced malware hides until it's safe to strike.
With Minerva, it won’t spot an opportunity.

90% of today’s malware uses advanced evasion techniques to bypass signature or behavioral detection. Minerva prevents these attacks before they install on endpoints by controlling how evasive malware perceives its reality.

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Prevent Unknown Attacks

Dramatically reduce evasive attacks with a radically different approach to endpoint security.

Stop Chasing Alerts

Eliminate the resource-intensive chase after alerts and false alarms by blocking unknown malware in the pre-installation phase.

Slash Admin Overhead

Secure your endpoints without needing to allocate extra resources or interrupt business operations. Deployment is quick and maintenance is effortless.

Avoid Costly Replacements

Boost endpoint defense without the risks and costs of installing an entirely new security architecture.

Minerva exploits the very nature of evasive malware

Minerva introduces a new approach to endpoint defense, creating an environment that evasive malware perceives as hostile and unsafe for execution.


Stopping the clock on evasive attacks

Minerva gives you peace of mind knowing that stealthy, unknown attacks will be blocked, prior to infection, before any damage has been done.

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Minerva protects endpoints with trickery and deception

CSO does a full product review and testing of Minerva's Anti-Evasion Platform

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Minerva Launches Enterprise-Grade Malware Vaccination Solution to Immunize Endpoints and Rapidly Contain Attacks

Industry-First Offering Allows Organizations to Simulate Infection Markers Across Enterprise Endpoints to Reduce Detection Time and Contain Attacks

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Anti-Evasion Platform

Block Unknown Threats That Are Designed To Evade Your Existing Defenses

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