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The Ultimate Endpoint Security Platform

Never Pay Ransom

Stop 100% of Ransomware Attacks

Stop any Threat Regardless

of Team Size, Skillset and Toolset

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and use your saved budget to get Minerva's Ultimate Endpoint Prevent platform

Browser Isolation

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You are currently at risk from multiple attackers
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property theft
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Only Minerva’s platform will completely secure every endpoint in your organization from even the most advanced threats
Rapid rollout

Single userspace agent. No prerequisites, no downtime, and no reboots

Ultra-light agent

Doesn't affect endpoint performance

Ease of use

Free up significant amounts of manpower and resources

Minerva’s Platform Replaces Your EPP and EDR
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Minerva’s Platform

Minerva blocks access to your crown jewels by addressing the widest variety of attack scenarios
Our patented threat prevention Platform is comprised of multiple modules that work in tandem to block unknown threats that employ unconventional evasive techniques
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Minerva’s Benefits

Reduce over 90% of the
threats your team handles

Stop threats regardless of your
team's size skill set
and toolset


Full Browser Isolation -
No VM's
No Screening

Works Even on
Legacy Systems

No prerequisites
No reboot
No downtime

Never Pay

Don't Be Next


Fully automated solution -
Dramatically reduce your security
operational cost

Reduce over 90% of the threats your team handles

Reduce over 90% of the threats your team handles

Reduce over 90% of the threats your team handles

Reduce over 90% of the threats your team handles

BYOD Work From
Home Safely

Install-free endpoint protection for unmanaged devices without compromising users privacy

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Minerva’s exceptional endpoint security is unparalleled, proprietary and backed by 3 cyber patents and 5 pending patents
Patented intellectual property
Patent PendingPatent PendingPatent PendingPatent PendingPatent Pending
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Minerva’s superiority is made clear
by Eric Cole Ph.D. in this recent SANS product review

In this review, we ran a series of attack types against Minerva, including malware that exhibited the following characteristics:

• Sandbox avoidance • Memory injection attacks
• Use of malicious documents • File destruction

In every case, Minerva’s solution accurately blocked infection attempts and reported on these instances. The protection was effective even when the endpoints lacked Internet access.

A Few of Our Technology Partners
Minerva has received dozens of awards in recognition as the industry leader in enterprise endpoint security
Gartner Cool Vendor 2020 in
Network & Endpoint Security
Endpoint Security
Most Innovative Cybersecurity Company
Deception Technology
red herring 100 Winner Award
Gold winner of the Red Herring 2018 Top 100 North America Red Herring Top 100 North America Award
CRN Emerging Vendors Awards
Winner of 2018 CRN Emerging Vendors
in the Endpoint Security Category
Alliance Technology Group
"It’s one of those ‘why didn’t someone think of this sooner?’ moments in the multi-layer doctrine—malware jujitsu that complements *any* security posture, seamlessly cohabitating with every AV/endpoint solution we’ve come across in the enterprise. If there are the inevitable trade-off cons with this solution, we haven’t found them yet."

- Josh Williams, Vice President, Alliance Technology Group
The DANA Foundation
"Minerva is completely in the background and silently does its job without interfering with ongoing business operations and productivity."

- James Rutt, CIO, The Dana Foundation
NEC Technologies
"Minerva’s Anti-Evasion Platform efficiently prevented malware that targets OT environments as well as IT environments that we integrated and tested in our testbed. The deployment was very smooth and was rapidly installed on both legacy and modern systems with no prerequisites. It easily integrated with our existing security ecosystem and immediately brought added value in better prevention and improved visibility across our infrastructure."

- Tsvi Lev, General Manager, NEC Israel Research Center
"With the help of Minerva Labs, we were able to contain and clean up the Emotet infection 60-70 percent faster than if we had used our previous manual method."

- Vincent D’Agostino, Deputy head of Cyber Forensics and Incident Response, BlueVoyant
"Today’s global business climate demands constant reinvention. Companies that can adapt quickly will own the future. Minerva ensures this with their innovative, agile solution. Their unique threat prevention approach and lightweight agent enables us to fine tune our security efforts."

- Alan Idelson, CISO, Information Security & Operations Leader, ECI Telecom
"I have just completed the upgrade process on one of our client’s servers. Given that this involves the migration from Mongo Db to SQL it is a little more complex and I wanted to take this opportunity to say that you guys, once again, did a very good job with the migration tool and the ease of installation. The procedure went through without any glitches, the migration tool was quick and useful and the manual was very well documented and written."

- Roy Lackner, Cyber Solutions Specialist, 2CLOUD4, Powered by Barmor
"Effective prevention from unknown threats, in minimum time and before the breach occurs requires a unique approach. Since implemented, Minerva successfully prevented sophisticated attacks with a passive endpoint tool and a very low memory footprint, which integrates and complements other security solutions we’ve installed on user devices. With Minerva we’ve seen the benefit from day one. From seamless roll-out to prevention in no time, we’re certainly more secure as a result of Minerva"

- CISO, Critical Infrastructure organization
Minerva’s latest release significantly improves our endpoint defense strategy. We were able to deploy the solution within less than a week and saw immediate results. The number of ransomware attacks on us reduced dramatically and relieved the SOC team from having to investigate and remediate numerous alerts that resulted in days wasted on incident handling.

- CISO, Leading Worldwide Shipping Company