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Regain Control of the Endpoint

Stop attacks designed to evade your existing defenses

The End Of Evasive Malware

Stop attacks designed to evade your existing defenses

Minerva Labs’ Anti-Evasion Platform deceives malware into a dormant state, protecting organizations from today's most persistent threats that are designed to evade existing security solutions.

Advanced malware hides until it's safe to strike.
With Minerva Labs, it won’t spot an opportunity.

90% of malware use evasive techniques to bypass existing defenses. With hundreds to thousands of advanced malware out there, security tools that rely on known Indicators of Compromise (IOC), signatures, user behavioral models or patterns, won’t detect advanced evasive malware. Others will keep your team chasing false positives, once the attack has set off.

With Minerva Labs you can prevent the attack altogether.

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Rethinking endpoint security

Minerva Labs exploits the very nature of evasive malware. Using trickery and deception, Minerva Labs blocks advanced attacks designed to evade your existing defenses, by creating an environment the malware perceives as hostile and unsafe for execution.

Minerva’s radically different approach to endpoint protection delivers effective malware prevention without the human intervention required of other next-generation malware detection solutions.



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YOSSI GABAY  |  VP of Information Technology at Dan Hotels

Customer Name

Minerva Labs blocked more than 95% of attempted attacks. Because fewer infections were able to take hold, the CISO’s team didn’t need to investigate endpoints or reinstall them, saving significant time and resources.

YOSSI GABAY  |  VP of Information Technology at Dan Hotels

Stopping the clock on evasive malware attacks

Minerva gives you peace of mind knowing that stealthy, unknown attacks will be prevented, prior to infection, before any damage has been done.

Prevent Unknown Malware Attacks

Dramatically reduce evasive attacks with a radically different approach to endpoint security.

Stop Chasing Alerts

Eliminate the resource-intensive chase after alerts and false positives by blocking unknown malware in the pre-installation phase.

Slash Admin Overhead

Secure your endpoints without needing to allocate extra resources or interrupt business operations. Deployment is quick and maintenance is effortless.

Avoid Costly Replacements

Boost endpoint protection without the risks and costs of installing an entirely new security architecture.

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