Minerva Labs' Story

Minerva Labs was founded in 2014 by Eddy Bobritsky, Erez Breiman and Omri Moyal, ex-military-cyber-units with deep knowledge and experience in endpoint security that realised something need to be changed in the way we do endpoint security.

Minerva Labs is a prevention-first company, revolutionize the endpoint security industry by introducing a new, different and more effective approach to stop threats that other tools miss,
regardless of time, team’s size, skills and toolset.
In fact, the harder to detect the malware, the easier for Minerva to block it.
For example, Minerva can make your business-critical assets became invisible and unreachable for attackers & malware (they cannot attack something they cannot see).
Our evasion-proof threat prevention platform addresses all modern threats such as file-less attacks, PowerShell scripts, ransomware, malicious documents (macro), Mimikatz, Cryptominers,
living off the land etc. and block them BEFORE infection, without any prerequisites or reboots.
Minerva also offers a uniques solution for PoS, ATMs, Gas pumps, OT and Industrial IoT systems , embedded and legacy systems, etc.


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