I find this article touches on many reoccurring issues in the cyber security industry. End users actions are hard to control with 74% of RSA attendees surveyed saying they were the largest headache to address. Then Simon sites that 49% of attendees believe the endpoint has the greatest security risk with network and cloud far behind.

I think this truly demonstrates that the highest ROI and keys to addressing the breach exist in prevention at the end users and the interface they use the PC. In fact, this same article talks about stopping attackers before they can wreak havoc-not after- as preferred by 64% of attendees surveyed with “after the fact” remediation a dismal 2%.

Minerva Labs has been actively developing a technology that proactively prevents evasive malware and ransomware. It is difficult to control the end user and certainly chasing the attackers via current detect and respond technology has not worked well. Minerva Anti-Evasion Platform uses the malware’s strength of circumventing other security solutions against itself prior to malicious code being installed at the endpoint. This gives our customers the peace of mind of knowing the malware is stopped prior to any damaging being done.

The king always had his best soldiers close. In the case of cybersecurity the keys to the kingdom clearly exist at the endpoint.

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