Despite worldwide spending reaching billions of dollars on endpoint security, in too many organizations endpoints are still the most vulnerable part of an organization’s technology infrastructure.

Security teams desperately need a new approach, but for security architects, endpoint security is a confusing space. There is a dizzying array of vendors out there – both well established and startups vying for budget and attention. In this white paper “Making Sense of Endpoint Security”, we attempt to make sense of the options available, and provide you with some practical considerations.

We look at current technologies – including endpoint control, anti-ransomware, and endpoint detection and response (EDR). There are pro’s and con’s to each approach, and we examine each type of solution’s impact on your current security and compliance posture. In addition, we assess the people and skills overhead you’re likely to encounter, as well as the likely impact on your end users.

We also look at the promise of combined endpoint protection (EPP) suites, and what to consider if you’re thinking of a suite-based, a “suite plus” or a best-of-breed approach

One important consideration we examine is what it takes to get from where you are today to deploying any of these new technologies – especially the disruption you’re likely to encounter and the impact on your current processes.

Finally, we take a look at new and emerging approaches, and help you to figure out what should be top of mind for your organization.

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