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Be Impervious

The industry leader in enterprise endpoint security

Warning! You are currently at risk

Existing controls won't prevent a significant malware attack on your endpoints

Only Minerva can completely secure every endpoint in your organization from even the most advanced threats - with a rapid rollout and an ultra-light agent that doesn't affect endpoint performance

Minerva’s exceptional endpoint security is unparalleled, proprietary and backed by 3 cyber patents and 5 patents pending.

Minerva is not just the most innovative, we are the superior enterprise endpoint protection

Minerva is recognized as the industry leader in enterprise endpoint security

Minerva has received dozens of awards for innovation in the field of cybersecurity

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Minerva blocks access to your crown jewels by addressing the widest variety of attack scenarios.

Our patented anti-evasion Platform is comprised of multiple modules that reinforce each other to block unknown threats that employ unconventional evasive techniques.


Reduce over 90% of the threats your team handles
BYOD Protection
Extremely lightweight - Less than 2% CPU
Works even on low-resource systems
Remote User Protection
Easy deployment and upgrades

Some of the organizations we are protecting

Minerva protect enterprise organizations from advanced cyber threats Remarkable Only Minerva’s technology is capable of fully protecting enterprise/your endpoints from advanced cyber threats.

Only Minerva fully protects enterprise endpoints from advanced cyber threats