The company was named “Most innovative Cyber Security Startup in Israel” and “Most Innovative Startup” within less than a week and on two separate continents.

Our coming out party began at the Cybertech 2016 conference in Tel Aviv where Minerva Labs, along with four other Cyber startups, competed for the coveted distinction of “Most Innovative Cybersecurity Startup in Israel”.

The Cybox competition began with entries from over thirty startup companies with the final stage taking place at Cybertech 2016 and featuring five finalists. Representing Minerva Labs at the competition, Founder and CEO Eddy Bobritsky presented Minerva’s disruptive new technology to a panel of five judges: Alon Kantor, VP Business Development at Checkpoint Technologies; Arik Kleinstein, Co-Founder and managing partner at Glilot Capital Partners; Ronen Siman Tov, Senior Architect and Innovation Center manager at IBM Israel; and Yoav Tzruya, Partner at JVP and JVP Cyber Labs.

With five minutes to make Minerva’s case, Eddy gave a meticulous presentation of Minerva’s technology. Minerva offers a revolutionary new patent-pending solution that creates a Defense Ecosystem which stops Malware without any prior knowledge, intelligence, or signatures, and optimizes the efficiency of existing third party solutions. Presenting a new paradigm in Cyber Security “Prevention without Detection” led the judges to choose Minerva Labs as the most innovative Cyber startup in Israel.

The full presentation video is available on Minerva’s YouTube channel.

After the award presentation, Eddy was quoted as saying “We welcome Glilot Capital’s support in arranging this competition. It’s very important for the Cyber industry, especially as Israel is a key factor in the cybersecurity space. Competitions like this help to motivate young entrepreneurs to join in the innovation that is driving the industry forward. We appreciate the honor of participating and being the first team to take home the trophy from the first cyber contest. Hopefully this will continue as an annual event in future years.”

A mere three days later Minerva’s Eddy Bobritsky and Erez Breiman, CEO and CTO respectively, boarded a plane on their way to Berlin for Deutche Telekom’s hub:raum tech incubator’s Cyber Security Bootcamp 2016.

The event hosted entrepreneurs, investors, industry experts, and representatives of Deutsche Telekom for a day of discussion, industry insights, and business opportunities. Twelve companies competed for the title hub:raum termed “The Most Promising Early-Stage Cyber Security Startups From All Over Europe.” The event featured some great keynotes and networking sessions.

Each of the startups made their pitch and after lengthy deliberation, the panel of judges, made up of several of Europe’s top security experts, announced that Minerva Labs was selected as The Most Innovative Startup for 2016.

Minerva Don’t Chase – PREVENT!

We believe that it is not only what our product does that led to our success, but the idea behind it. Our product stops malware from attacking, PERIOD. Minerva prevents the deadliest attacks such as Sony Pictures by creating an environment in which the malware refrains from execution just before the installation phase (5th phase in the “Cyber Kill Chain”).

Minerva prevents targeted attacks without the need to detect them first or for any other prior knowledge and before any damage has been done.

With Minerva you will get more for every dollar you have already spent on security. Once the attack is prevented, Minerva creates a vendor-independent Defense Eco-System that increases the detection rates and effectiveness of existing security solutions making your ROSI (return on security investment) rosier!

No appliances, no heavy lifting, no system slowdowns. Simply put, it’s a low footprint, endpoint security solution. It is seamless, has no impact on user experience and is easy to deploy. Minerva requires no prerequisites, reboots, or mappings of any kind.

At Cybertech 2016 Minerva also unveiled a patent pending, complete solution for the growing ransomware problem, a full demo video of it can be found in a dedicated blogpost.

Minerva Armor supports all Windows® OS flavors, PoS and other legacy systems, as well as physical and virtual environments, including VDI.

Until now your options were limited to “detection and response” solutions that use signatures, behavioral detection mechanisms and deception techniques, fighting “unknown” threats with “known” solutions. But the current generation of malware has evolved; it is evasive and can bypass most security products currently available on the market. Now you have the power to stop them.

request a demo here! To see what we can do for your enterprise system protection,

Minerva – Don’t Chase, PREVENT!