Watch how Minerva's Remote User Protection eliminates risk by providing a unique endpoint protection without installing or managing any agents.

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Join Minerva’s experts to a live webinar: Learn more about our innovative and exceptional endpoint security solution, how to effectively protect your crown jewels, and how to work from home and stay safe!

What you will learn in this webinar:

As COVID-19 spreads, more organizations are enforcing remote work from home, making employees home computers more vulnerable than ever to cyberattacks. We get it done - even remotely!  Are you aware of the risk of home personal computers pose to your organization? | What do you think will appeal more to a cybercriminal: a personal computer or a secured company workstation? Is there an effective prevention endpoint solution? Can you sleep at night knowing your network is secure against malware, ransomware, and more? Minerva is the only vendor that eliminates this risk by providing a unique, install-free endpoint security solution for unmanaged devices (such as Home PCs) throughout the entire working (VPN) session.

Only Minerva will secure every home computer connected to your organization without compromising users privacy

Integrates with any VPN

Work From Home at Scale
Install-free, no prerequisites, no reboots

Full Privacy
Protecting throughout the working session

The Speaker

Eyal Gurevich, Head of Sales & Strategy, Minerva Labs

Founded & led Ad-Tech company from vision to product with satisfied customers and healthy growth. Recruited advisory board and development team. Led sales and product management, working closely with partners and end customers to grow sales and collaborations. Coming from strong Cyber Security, IT and Ad-Tech background both in sales and professional services. Passionate about building meaningful business relationships, working with and inspiring people, with excellent communication, presentation and negotiations skills.

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About Minerva

Minerva Labs revolutionize the endpoint security industry by introducing new, different and more effective approach to stop threats that other tools miss, regardless your team’s size, skillset or toolset.With Minerva, you can stop any threat, regardless of your team's size, skill and toolset.Minerva Labs, is the only endpoint threat prevention platformThat stops the clock on malware thus eliminating the endpoint security gap while empowering companies to embrace technology fearlessly through impacting both file and file-less malware decision logic forcing it to block its execution, unlike existing endpoint solutions (i.e. EPP, EDR, NGAV) that struggle to detect threats that designed to evade them hence losing valuable time.